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The Hermitage museum in Saint-Petersburg

Aventura Travel invites you to visit St. Petersburg's largest, and most famous museum - The Hermitage. Here, You will witness the majestic splendor of the former Imperial Palace's ceremonial halls and feel the grandeur of it's atmosphere, while taking a journey through time.

Peterhof in Saint-Petersburg (Russian Versalles)

Not far from St. Petersburg along the coast of the Gulf of Finland is located the magnificent and beautiful city of Peterhof. Founded in the early 18th century, it served as one of Peter the great's imperial residences. Known as the "Russian Versailles". The grandeur of its palaces. fountains and gardens are nothing less than breathtaking.

Catherine Palace in Saint-Petersburg

If you decide to visit Saint Petersburg, then you mustn't miss the Tsarskoye Selo - a brilliant monument of architecture and landscape art. The pearl of Tsarskoye Selo is the Catherine Palace - a magnificent building designed in the style of Russian baroque. You will be impressed by its luxurious landscape, the Palace's Great Hall and the series of magestic ceremonial halls, among them - the world-famous Amber Room.


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