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Weather in St. Petersburg

Weather in St. Petersburg. How to dress seasonably.

Weather in St. Petersburg is moderate and humid, the city is located in the transition zone between the oceanic and continental climate.

Weather in St. Petersburg in summer is moderate warm with prevailing western and north-western winds. It rains periodically.

Weather in St. Petersburg in autumn, which begins in mid-September, is cool enough. In the first half of October frosts are possible.Weather becomes cloudy, wet and windy with nasty drizzling rain.

Winter season in St. Petersburg begins with snow cover. It appears mainly on December 5th, and lasts usually until April. Winter in the city depends on the cyclones and anticyclones in the Atlantic.

Spring weather in St. Petersburg gets warmer not before late March when the snow begins to disappear. In April, the temperature rises above 0 degrees, and by May it becomes above 10 degrees Celsius.