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Traditional russian food

Traditional russian cuisine

Russia is known as northern country, where summer is short and winter last for five month. That's why traditional russian food consists of high-calorie ingredients - it brings much energy to pass long winter. Talking about five the most popular components of russian cuisine, we should mention bread, meat, sour cream, lard, honey. In the list below you can find the most popular traditional russian dishes.

  • Cabbage Soup (Schi) - consists of meat, cabbage, potatoes, carrot, onion and sometimes tomatoes. Serve up with sour cream and bread. Schi - traditional part of russian meal. If you have ever heard about borsch (traditional ukraine cuisine), you should know, that borsch is schi with beet.

  • Okroshka - original russian dish, which include kvass (russian famous drink), boiled meat, cucumbers, eggs, radish, potatoes and some milk. SO strange composition, isn't it? Nevertheless, you should taste it during hot summer days.

  • Golubci and pelmeni (meat dumplings) - traditional part of russian cuisine. In both cases minced meat is wrap up in different cover. Goludci include leafs of cabbage, Pelmeni - stiff dough. Served up with sour cream or mayonnaise.

  • Pancakes. Who has never heard about famous russian pancakes - the most popular food, served up with various filling? Caviar, sour cream, honey - everything you wish. During Saint-Petersburg guided tours, you should taste this fabulous traditional russian dish, invariable part of russian cuisine.