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Top 10 places to visit in Saint-Petersburg

  1. The Hermitage Museum

    The State Hermitage Museum

    Third of the world's largest museums founded by Catherine the Great, russian empress. The museum could be proud of wide collection of artworks from different periods: from Renaissance to Impressionists and modern arts. Famous artworks from Rembrandt to Henri Matisse.

  2. St. Isaac's Cathedral

    St. Isaac's Cathedral

    St. Isaac's Cathedral (Isaakievsky Sobor) by  Auguste de Montferrand is a landscape domination of the city. From its dome it is a unique and fascinating view to the city. The ascent to the top of St. Isaac's is available during summer season.

  3. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

    Visit unique church, constructed in the name of russian emperor Alexander II at the place where he was killed. Inner decoration is rich in unique mosaic ornaments ( over 7500 square metres of mosaics ).

  4. Palace Square

    Palace Square

    The main square of the city, a lot of sightseeings at the same place. Winter Palace, Alexandrian Column, General Staff building you can see just turning around. The square is also a culture center: many fest, concerts and events are held there.

  5. Nevsky Avenue ( Nevsky prospekt)

    Nevsky is a central street of the city. Many sightseeings are placed at both sides of the street. Try a walk tour from the Moscow railway station to the Admiralty.

  6. The Strelka, Vasilievsky Island

    Vasilievsky Island

    Visit Russian museum of natural history (Kunstkamera), Old Stock exchange building (Birzha), Rostral Columns, Menshikov Palace.

  7. Alexander Nevsky Monastery (Alexander Nevsky Lavra)

    When visiting Lavra, visit also Lavra's cemetery where lie many famous russian people: poets, composers, painters.

  8. The Summer Garden

    Summer Garden

    Just opened after 3-year reconstruction. Beautiful garden in historical centre of the city with marble statues, fountains, regular park.

  9. Imperial Porcelain Manufactory

    During the excursion you can see production of famous russian porcelain and also buy tea or coffe table set.

  10. Russian Museum

    Russian Museum

To your convenience, we collect the most memorable and interesting sightseeing of Saint-Petersburg. Here you can find a map of these objects: 

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