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Special private guided tours in Saint-Petersburg providing by Aventura Travel

Imperial Porcelain Factory

This is one of the most famous porcelain factories in the world which you can visit during private guided tours in Saint-Petersburg. The Lomonosov Porcelain Factory, built in 1744 by the Order of Isabel la Alegre, daughter of Peter I, is the oldest in Russia and one of the first in Europe. Known from the time of the tzars how Imperial Porcelain Manufacture, this factory produced the unique things for the royal family, their friends and relatives. The museum was founded a century later in the nineteenth century, with donations from the private collections of the Winter Palace and the Imperial family. Open to the public, this museum was a great success. The private guided tours in Saint-Petersburg give the possibility to have a look at the production made in the workshop. Also after private guided tour in Saint-Petersburg you can visit a gallery of modern art and buy a porcelain by the factory price in a store itself.

Working hours: from 11am to 17pm, Monday to 16pm.
Closed: Tuesday, last Monday of each month.

Panoramic walking private guided tours in Saint-Petersburg

The walking tour through downtown St. Petersburg. During private guided tours in Saint-Petersburg you will see all the most important of the city and always having the possibility to make a photo stop where you want (which sometimes is impossible to make using the transport). How is an exclusive tour, your guide and you will discuss which sites to see. It`s a good chance to be in the Russian people and feel a little more everyday life of the second capital of Russia. For this private guided tour in Saint-Petersburg is better to use comfortable shoes and take umbrellas with you.

Military and Historical Museum of Artillery

was founded by order of Empress Elizabeth in 1756, military museum occupies 13 rooms and has more than 240,000 items. Museum exhibits military weapons and XV century, ballistic missiles, weapons fire. The special interest this show got in 1996 thanks to the large sizes artillery of antiquity and present day and recent ex-rocket complexes, technical engineering and communication. Here on the territory of the museum were hanged five leaders of the Revolution of December 1825, called Decembrists. This museum is located right in front of the Fortress of Saint Peter and Saint Paul the real heart of the city.

Working hours: from 11am to 17pm
Closed: Monday and Tuesday, last Thursday of month

Battleship "Aurora"

is a monument to the Russian naval history and valuable relic of the 1917 revolution. It is a good example of military ships early twentieth century. The battleship was built in the New Admiralty shipyard in 1900. It participated in the Russian-Japanese War in 1904-1905. On 28 February 1917, its sailors came alongside the insurgents, refused to lift up the bridge over the Neva to separate the workers from the industrial districts of the insurrection. After the battleship fired that shot in 1917 it began the assault of the Winter Palace. During World War II was in the port of Lomonosov. Since 1948 it became a museum and docked here. It was restored in 1987.

Working hours: from 11am to 16pm
Closed: Monday and Friday

The Historic Memorial Museum "Smolny"

It`s the most famous historical building in Russia constructed for the "Smolny" Institute of noble ladies (this was the prestigious educational institute of the nineteenth century in St. Petersburg.) Later it became the headquarters of the October Socialist Revolution. At the time of the Great Patriotic War was the Headquarter of the Defense of Leningrad. Here is the Meeting Hall, the Hall of Ballet, the Variety Theatre and also

the first release of Vladimir Lenin. Visiting these sites you will have the opportunity to see places connected with the events of 1917, which were significant for Russia and for the entire twentieth century.

Working hours: from 10am to 17pm.
Closed: Saturday and Sunday

Konstantinovsky Palace ( The Congress Hall) in Strelna

is the official residence of Russian President Medvedev - The Congress Hall (Palace Konstantinovsky) in Strelna is one of the imperial residences of the suburbs of St. Petersburg. The original Konstantinovsky Palace was built in the eighteenth century as the residence of the Tsar`s family. In the Soviet period it was used for entertainment. Strelna Palace was rebuilt in just 12 months and was completed in time for the 300th anniversary of the city. Now you can learn the history of the palace, its creation and reconstruction, biographies of their owners. In 1990 UNESCO added the palace to the list of historical and cultural monuments of the world heritage. This tour should be ordered in advance.

Excursions and exhibitions

Working hours: from 10am to 18pm
Closed: Wednesday


The first landscaped park in Russia is located approximately 45 kilometers away from St. Petersburg and Gatchina Palace. It was built as a castle over a silent and smooth water. Having 10 huge towers and limestone walls, and a secret passage to the lake, it has nothing in common with other royal residences. This palace belonged to the Russian Tsar Paul I (his nickname was the most romantic emperor of Russia) and Alexander III.

Working hours: from 10am to 17pm. Closed: Monday, first Tuesday of each month


During this trip you will make a tour to Velikiy Novgorod and see all important sights of the city: the Kremlin, Yaroslav's Courtyard (place where the Novgorod's Vice (parliament) held its meetings), St. Sophia's Cathedral (the oldest survived Russian stone monument of XI century), the Monument to the Millennium of Russia. You will also visit the open-air architectural-ethnographic museum "Vitoslavlitsy", which provides a whole complex of genuine folk wooden architecture, including ancient churches of the 16th-18th centuries, peasant houses of the 19th - early 20th centuries, exhibitions of folk art and everyday life items of Novgorod peasants of the same period. You may also have a lunch break at the best restaurant of Novgorod - "Detinets" , which is located inside Pokrovskaya Tower of Kremlin. The restaurant allows the guests to enjoy the traditional Russian cuisine in the atmosphere of ancient Novgorod.

Yusupov Palace

This majestic yellow and white Palace placed on the bank of Moika river, attracts tourists from all over the world. Its history, mysterious and enigmatic, closely connected both with the richest Russian Yusupov family and ominous name Gregory Rasputin, who definitely is the most discrepant figure in Russian history and was cruelly murdered in the Palace in 1916. Inspire of the fact, that Yusupov Palace was reconstructed several times, its facade still keeps its classic appearance. Renovated six-column portico amaze visitor with its ineffable harmony of proportions and elegancy. Magnificent edifice is a showcase of the spendthrift and aristocratic lifestyle of the St. Petersburg nobles. Yusupov palace - historical and cultural monument of

federal significance. Nowadays it is open for visitors: there are impressing exhibitions in the spacious halls and interesting excursions in Blue and Red rooms, which are remarkable for their splendid decor.

Excursions and exhibitions

Open: daily, 11.00 - 17.00
Closed: first Wednesday of each month

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