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Metro in Saint-Petersburg

Interesting facts about metro in Saint-Petersburg

  • The first station of Saint-Petersburg metro was opened on November 15, 1955.

  • Today metro includes 5 lines and 65 stations.

  • Saint-Petersburg metro is the deepest metro in the world. The station “Admiralteiskaya” (Admiralty) are situated at the depth of 86 meters.

  • Some of stations richly decorated with mouldings, mosaics and sculptures. For example, Mayakovskaya or Sportivnaya.

  • Fare is 27 rubles. You pay only for passing through turnstile. No need to pay for every station or distance. For single trip you should buy a token. If you are planning to use metro a certain times, you can buy a special card, where number of admissions will be fixed. Buying card of this type, you should say: “Card for 10 admissions” (if the number of supposed admissions through turnstile is 10), or “Kartochku na desiat’ poezdok”.

  • No photographing or video permitted. Be careful! You can be stopped by policemen in case of breach of metro’s order.

  • There are signs in English on every station (especially in the center). It helps tourists to understand difficult Russian names and not to miss necessary station.