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Russian public holidays

There are 9 official public holidays, celebrated in Russia annually:

New Year

31 of December – 1 of January

Perhaps this holiday is the most favorite holiday for Russian people. And there are some reasons for such strong feelings. Firstly, the winter in Russia is so charming that it’s impossible not to admire it. Snow is everywhere, streets and bridges are decorated with neon lights, Christmas trees are placed near subway stations. The atmosphere of coming holiday so warm, that people take no notice of cold weather.

Russian Orthodox Christmas Day

7 of January

Russian people very faithful and always revere their orthodox traditions. Christmas day is a family holiday for everyone. Family and friends come together to exchange gifts, sit down to table and spend all day within the family circle. It’s a great time for declarations in love and reconciliation.

Day of the Defenders of the Motherland

23 of February

Russia is famous for its victories in different wars. That’s why Russians so respect its men and officers. So the day of Russian defenders is important holiday for those, whose father or husband serves in the armed forces.

International Women's Day

8 of March

The day devoted to ladies, women and madams. It’s holiday of flowers and presents for mothers, sisters and daughters. Men try to express their sincere appreciation for women’s work, devotion and, of cause, love. This day can be called as mix of Mother’s Day and St. Valentine Day.

Spring and Labour Day

1 of May

The cities are usually beautifully decorated with colored ribbons and flowers on this day. Charming atmosphere of coming spring makes people more kind and pleased. Presents aren’t done, but it doesn’t spoil the holiday. Many Russian people leave the city to spend the day outdoors with friends.

Victory in Europe Day

9 of May

It’s very significant holiday for Russian people – the date of termination of World War II. Everyone pays tribute to veterans and commemorates the victims of tragic events. The usual attribute of the Victory day is a grandiose military parade, which is always hosted by President and organized on Red square in Moscow. In the evening the fantastic fireworks is usually take place over the Neva River.

Russia Day

12 of June

The national holiday dedicated to signing of declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation on 12 of June, 1990. Originally the holiday was named Day of Adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation, but in 2002 it was renamed to Russian day. On this day Russian people are eulogize their country and feel proud of their home.