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Mosaic Patio

Amongst gloomy Petersburg well yards, a small Mosaic Patio is hidden, a monumental picture created by the Small Academy of Arts.

In Tchaikovsky Street, there is a small patio hidden from accidental passers-by. It is not included in standard guides for the Northern Capital, and perhapsfor that very reason the citizens love this unique iridescent compact world.

Mosaic Patiois a creative work by Vladimir Lubenko. Here, the Small Academy of Arts is situated. Vladimir Vasilievich, together with his pupils turned this former unremarkable yard into a fairy-tale. The honoured artist of Russia and his pupils presented an outstandingly beautiful place to the city, where everyone may spend time at his or her leisure.

The patio is decorated with mosaic of spatter glass: the benches, curbs, and small sculptures sparkle with new colours like with a wave of a wand. Those who find themselves here for the first time ever, unconsciously remember great Antonio Gaudi, pride of Catalonia, one of the most unusual architects of the 20th century, whose name is inscribed with golden letters in the history of world architecture. The hand of a famous Austrian, Friedensreich Hundertwasser will seem to others.

The objects filling the patio have different plot lines;with the figures of people, angels, and lions met here more frequently. The works are of obvious humanistic nature, since they make on not only look, but also think.