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Is Saint Petersburg safe?

Is Saint Petersburg safe enough for travelling?

There is a question, that every tourist asks himself before going anywhere he wants – is the place where he likes to be a guest safe enough? What are the national peculiarities of unknown country? And which of them can get him into trouble? So, in our column “St Petersburg tourist information” we will tell about different details of traveling in Saint-Petersburg and will answer a question, is Saint Petersburg safe.

First of all, let’s talk about safety in Russia in tote. You should always remember about street venders – there are a lot of dishonest sellers, who wants to sell you some goods of poor quality. Be careful and stand aside, when somebody will try to explain, that you really need something, he wants to offer you right now.

Then you should always beware of pickpockets, because this kind of problem – characteristic feature of all Russian cities. Keep vigilant watch on your purse, mobile phone and other valuable. Especially be careful in the Metro.

And the last thing, concerning safety in Saint-Petersburg, is football fans. We strongly recommend you to stay polite and never to tell anything insulting or abusive about FC “Zenit”. Fans can be very dangerous if conversation turned to their football pride. In the end we want to add, that in spite of everything, Saint-Petersburg is the most beautiful and charming city in the world. And if you respect the rules of safety, everything will be okay. So, we hope, that you finally found the answer on the question, is Saint Petersburg safe.