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Air and rail travelers

If you are an air or a train visitor to Russia, we are happy to help you to plan your visit to Saint-Petersburg wisely, effectively and at no extra cost.

Once you have your visas, hotels and flights booked, it's time to think how you're going to get around and what you're going to do while in St.Petersburg.

For all first-time arrivals who would like to be absolutely independent we would still recommend to have an arrival transfer + an 3 hour orientation tour - to get to know the city a little, get the ideas where the closest banks, groceries and nice caf?s/restaurants are, as well as learn how to use public transport to the places that you would like to visit on your own and what the specifics of these places are (admission hours and costs, any special audio-guide tours)

If you want to really use your time effectively, skip waiting in long museum lines and have a friendly companion with you during your stay in St.Petersburg - then DO consider hiring a professional private tour guide.

Having a private tour guide allows you to be flexible with times and schedules, which is especially important for families with children and people with limited walking abilities. (Large group tours never care how you feel and if you have any problems.) Having a private guide takes all your worries and troubles away as you have your Own Personal Assistant with you Every Day.

A guide is hired on daily basis.

A full day ( 7-9 hrs)   140 Euro + expenses*
Half  day (3-5 hrs)   80 Euro + expenses*

All prices quoted are valid for individual visitors, couples and families with children (2+2 max) if your party is more than that, please contact us for a quotation.

* Our policy is that a customer covers all transportation costs,museum entry fees(for unusual museums like Artillery museum or Railway museum), and meals for the guide during that day.

PLEASE let us know in advance if you’re NOT planning to make any lunch stops during your touring days. Guides are also human, and we do get hungry! So, knowing that you will have snacks with you and won’t require lunch will let us know that a guide needs to bring something from home as well! Thank you for understanding.

  • To make your trip easier and even more enjoyable, our professional experienced drivers with comfortable air-conditioned vehicles are here to assist you with your city exploration.
  • We have a variety of cars available: regular and luxury sedans, SUVs, mini-vans and mini-busses to accommodate individual travelers, couples and families!

Arrival & departure transfers

 60 Euro


  15 Euro /hr


20 Euro /hr

 Transfer + orientation tour  (3 hrs)

 110 Euro

When you hire a car by the hour, the driver will always add one extra hour for the delivery of the vehicle to the total bill for the day. This is a standard practice among all the drivers, it's like with a taxi - you get in and the meter automatically adds on for seating.