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Tours in Moscow: two days

Have you ever been to mysterious and unbelievable Russia? Have you ever wandered along the streets of the capital of this delightful country enjoying the beauty of the contrasts of modern hi-tech buildings next to the monuments with thousands years of history? Every year Moscow attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the world trying to understand the mystery of the charm of this megalopolis.

Tour Moscow

2 days in Moscow

2 days in Moscow

  • Length: 2 days
  • Activity level: High
  • Details: Photo stops included / Admission to cultural sight(s) included/ Wheel-chair accessible/ Evening program available.
  • Price: 300 US$ pp
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"Aventura" travel agency is happy to offer its clients to make a short two-day trip to the city that never sleeps. Become the witness of the incomprehensibility of the Russian soul, feel the incomparable atmosphere, get fascinated by this amazing country for ever.

The tour program of the first day of the trip includes visiting the state symbol of the country - The Moscow Kremlin, then general sightseeing at the areas of the main places of interest, lunch at the iconic Red Square, visiting historical monuments within the Moscow Metro.

History of Moscow begins with the construction of the town fortress. It was initially built to strengthen the new town by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. It had wooden walls and carried more economic, than defensive functions. Only in the 14th century the wooden fortress was rebuilt - the structure of the new one was made of white stone. It gave the new full name to the growing city - The White-stone Moscow. The Kremlin was rebuilt twice with an interval of three centuries before acquiring its final form. During the Soviet times the government was located in the Moscow Kremlin, so an access to many cultural sites was prohibited. Fortunately, during the reign of the Soviet Power the architectural ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin has suffered in a terrifying way. Since 1955 some of the halls of the Moscow Kremlin have became available for the tourist visits; at the same time a ban on the residence in its territory was set (the last residents were discharged in 1961). Since 1990 and so far the Kremlin has been the seat of the Russian government (still maintaining its museum functions).

The second day of the tour includes dinner at the Old Arbat Street and a visit to the world famousTretyakov Gallery. The Tretyakov Gallery is a famous museum. It's known throughout the world. In 1867 the Moscow City Gallery of Pavel and Sergei Tretyakov was opened to the public. Its collection consists of more than one thousand paintings, nearly five hundred drawings and dozens of sculptures by the Russian artists, as well as one hundred paintings by the foreign artists. The house of the Tretyakov family in Lavrushinsky Lane is the main building of the Tretyakov Gallery. As the collection has been growing exponentially, the exhibition space had to be constantly increased, so the extra buildings has been built.

We are glad to offer our clients an unusual way to relax in a new place: a two-day tour to Moscow worked out by those who know and love the city. The guests of the capital are offered some unique tours, planned and designed specifically for "Aventura"'s clients with the minimum size of the groups taken into consideration. When you arrive at unique and infinitely beautiful Moscow, you will not be able not to fall in love with the contrasts of architectural solutions, the rhythm of its life, careful and attentive attitude to the country's history and the breadth of the Russian soul. Get fascinated by Russia with us!