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St. Petersburg day tours

"Aventura" travel agency specializes in providingits clients the high-quality service, based an individual approach to every single client. We care and respect your needs and desires taking into consideration each of them. For years we have been sending abroad a huge amount of people keeping getting very positive feedbacks only. All our tours are offered on website for you to have an ability to choose the one you like most - they all are worked out with love and imagination.

Have you ever been to Russia? This exciting and mysterious country attracts many tourists from all over the world every year. St. Petersburg is rightly considered as one of the most beautiful cities of the country, it is the so-called Northern Capital. We invite our clients to a unique one-day sightseeing tour to St Petersburg. If you visit it once, you will always keep love for this magnificent city in your heart.

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The program of our tour includes all the most famous sights of the city. Among them there is Peter and Paul Fortress, built in 1703 by decree of Peter I. It is located on Hare Island which is considered as the city's historical core. Despite the fact that it's called the fortress, is has never directly participated in hostilities. Out of the gate it was used as the main Russian political prison. One of the first prisoners of the fortress was Prince Alexei, who died here. During the 70s of the 18th century these walls were a cage a well-known Russian writer Alexander Radishchev, the author of the iconic book "The journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow". Naryshkin bastion of the fortress makes daily volleys at the afternoon being shot with the help of the autentical signal guns - it's an old military tradition. The right to make a midday shot is given to the honorary citizens of St. Petersburg and the distinguished guests of the city sometimes.

Leaving St. Petersburg you will be having mixed feelings, for sure. Russia will not be able not to surprise its guests with its stunning versatility. The admiring tourists who come back here again and again all share the one opinion: this country and this city are impossible not to fall in love with.

Please, contact us immediately to book the unique tours of different length to St. Petersburg. It is the most exciting and romantic city of Russia. We guarantee you the lowest prices and the brightest impressions in your life.