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Moscow day tours

"Aventura" travel agency is happy to offer you tours of different kinds to the largest cities of Russia - Moscow and St. Petersburg. Every year the mysterious and surprising Russia attracts tourists from all over the the world. There are many reasons for this: the very unique culture, the historical monuments preserved in their original splendor, the natural features of the climate and many other fascinating things leaving nobody indifferent. We offer our clients to try to learn the peculiarities of the Russian soul becoming one of the residents of both capitals for a few days.

Tour Moscow

1 day in Moscow

1 day in Moscow

  • Length: 1 days
  • Activity level: High
  • Details: Photo stops included / Admission to cultural sight(s) included/ Wheel-chair accessible/ Evening program available
  • Price: 150 US$ pp
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The one-day tour to Moscow includes all the most interesting and the brightest things we've ever seen in this stunning city. In addition to visiting the historic sites of the city, we invite you to the very unexpected place - the Moscow metro. It has a very rich history. The first branch of it was opened in May 1935 giving the citizens of Moscow comfort and easiness of movement throughout the big city. On the first day of the work of the 1st branch (built in the unbelievably short terms - 4 years only) 370,000 people became the passengers. According to the "Building Complex" of Moscow, currently 65 kilometers and 30 new subway stations are being built. We can easily call the Moscow metro the real free underground museum - it reflects the trends of every historical period, the formation of different cultural interests, the attitude of the inhabitants of the city to art and time. You'll remember this little underground journey during your one-day tour to Moscow for ever.

After lunch we offer our quests to walk along the city. You will walk to the grand and majestic Red Square and visit the Kremlin, which is - for sure - the face and the symbol of the Russian capital. The Moscow Kremlin was initially a fortress of the city center, and it's the oldest part of it as well. It's the main social, political, historical and artistic complex, the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation. During the ancient people lived here - the first settlements in the Kremlin were fixed during the Bronze Age (II millennium BC). On September 2nd, 1812 Moscow and the Kremlin was captured by Napoleon's army. However, the next day Napoleon escaped from the Kremlin using the secret tunnel, being under the fire. Before his escape Napoleon ordered to mine the Kremlin buildings. Despite the fact that most of the mines never exploded, the damage was quite serious. In March 1918 the Soviet government headed by Vladimir Lenin made the Kremlin their location. The body of Lenin is stored in one of the rooms as a mummy so far. Soon after an open access to the territory of the Kremlin for simple citizens was completely forbidden - the temples were closed and the Kremlin bells had became silent for a long time. In 1922 the Grand Kremlin Palace was adapted for the Congress of the Soviets and the Congress of the III International. The Golden Chamber became the kitchen, the Faceted Chamber became the dining room. The Small Nicholas Palace turned into a club for the Soviet workers, the Catherine Church of the Ascension Monastery turned into a gym, the Miracle Monastery turned into the Kremlin's hospital. In the 1920-1930s the buildings on the territory of the Kremlin were used as a dwelling: they were the official residences of the leaders of the Soviet State and the Communist Party, the members of the Kremlin commandant's offices as well. In 1991 the Kremlin became the residence of the president of Russia. Nowadays the sightseeing tours through some halls of the Kremlin are offered to the tourists - the governmental residence, the armory halls. They amaze their visitors with one of the richest collections in the world.

Filled with impressions after such a busy day, you'll take a night water walk on a comfortable cruise boat. You'll take a look at the city that never sleeps admiring the stunning panoramic views of the metropolis. You'll breathe the fresh night air deeply deciding to return to Moscow again.

Contact our tour managers today now to be in the capital of one of the most enigmatic countries of the world tomorrow!