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Frequently Asked Questions about private guided tours in Saint-Petersburg

What is a tour - ticket?
Your ticket for private guided tours in Saint-Petersburg is very important document to be able to disembark off the ship which is personal blanket visa with your personal dates on. It is only possible way to visit Russia for cruise passengers if you want to save about 100 USD and not to get regular visa loosing time and money. According to Russian legislation, cruise passengers on organized tours must remain with their tour group and/or a representative of their tour company at all times while ashore. We will be responsible for you during all your stay in Russia giving the list to the immigration department of Saint-Petersburg with all your dates and cares about all aspects of private shore tours in St. Petersburg for cruise passengers.
How does this system of tour ticket work?
It is very easy! We send you a ticket that proves your tour booking in our company. You have to print a copy of this ticket. On the day of your arrival the copies of this ticket will be in all the immigration booths on the pier. While passing the Russian Customs control you need to have your passport and the printed ticket with you. The person who has responsibility for your travel to Russia and private guided tours in Saint-Petersburg will wait for you straight after crossing the customs check-point.
Can I pay for the tour ticket only and then travel around on my own? I am an independent traveler and prefer to do my own things without a guide!
The Russian law clearly states that for your visa-free stay in St. Petersburg you are required to follow the itinerary that you agreed and booked with Aventura Travel and that you have to be accompanied by your personal guide. Aventura Travel is recognized and licensed by the Russian Authorities. By issuing a tour ticket to you, we take full responsibility for your stay in St. Petersburg and guarantee that you will be back on the ship on time. If you really want to travel on your own in Russia, you must arrange your personal and official visa and, if preferable, book your own private guided tour in Saint-Petersburg.
What is your price policy?
We have either the standard tours (usually offered to those people who never visited Russia or they just like the prepared itinerary) or individuals. We do not have two equal programs with the same price since it all the time depends on:
- Museums you want to visit during your private guided tour in Saint-Petersburg.
- Total time table of your private shore tour in St. Petersburg for cruise passengers or self-travelers
- The number of people in your group who wants to book private guided tours in Saint-Petersburg.
When we get your booking form we hope to arrange the tour of your dream!
We examined all your tour packages and did not find which we want. Can we get it?
The itinerary you can find on our web site are those we think the most suitable for you in both saving time and money but we understand that you might be interested in the other or some special things. In this case do not hesitate to pass into CONTACT US and we will do our best to make your stay in Saint-Petersburg unforgettable.
How do we disembark?
  1. Get in touch with Aventura Travel and make a booking Online or via email.
  2. Receive a tour ticket and print it out.

    Important:The tour ticket is a substitute for the Russian visa. This paper is extremely important, without it you won't be allowed to go ashore in St. Petersburg! Your tour ticket is personal and each person in your party will hold their own. Read carefully the instructions on the tour ticket - these are exact guidelines on how to proceed through Passport Control in St. Petersburg.

  3. After your ship has docked in St. Petersburg you will be allowed to go through Passport Control 30 minutes before the start of your private tour. Most of the large crowds booked on the ship's excursions will have disembarked by this time and you can make your way to Passport Control at your own pace.
  4. Check that you have everything with you for your private tour: Passport, Tour Ticket, an exploring spirit and your camera to go along with it!

    Important: Please wait with taking pictures till after you meet your personal guide. Russian law does not allow you to take pictures of the Passport Control Officers.

    The Passport Control Officer will clear you now for entering Russia and give you aSHORE PASS VALID FOR CRUISE PASSENGERS IN ST. PETERSBURG.

  5. Your personal guide will be waiting for you a short distance behind Passport Control with our Aventura Travel sign.

    Important: Put your passports and tour tickets safely away. These are very important documents and you need them again for leaving the ship. Your personal guide will give you all the details for a safe and trouble-free stay in St. Petersburg.

How should I book the tour?
You need just to CONTACT US with the following information:
  • Arrival day and time
  • Departure day and time
  • Your special request
We create a program and within 24 hours forward you the answer with the attached itinerary and prices. We should underline - that will be the preliminary itinerary. So you'll be welcome to make as many changes in it as you wish. Finally we create the program, tailored specially for you.
  • How do I pay?
You have 2 options to pay:
  1. You can pay the entire amount beforehand using your credit card. 1) You could pay using the secure link from our payment system ASSIST (you will receive the link to your e-mail). 2) Also, we can give you an option to pay by your credit card OFF LINE. That means that we will ask you to fill in the document (PAYMENT AGREEMENT) with the required information of your card and put the signature on a bottom. After you complete this form please send it back to us with the passport of a person who pays. We will charge your card form the office using our banking terminal. We need this form from you to get your permission to charge your card. This is very easy way and secure as we can charge you only the amount you allow us. If you pay with credit card, we will charge the sum of payment for the tour from your credit card in Rubles (local currency). All the credit-card operations in Russia must be done in Rubles because of the Russian law. The currency exchange rate will be established according to the current rates of the State Bank Sberbank. We don't charge any commission for paying with your credit-card, however your bank might charge you commission for conversion.