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Welcome to our website!
Dear ladies and gentlemen!

This site is the right place to find all the information you need about Saint-Petersburg Shore Excursions and Private Guided Tours arranged by fully Authorized Tour Operator, "Aventura Travel". The primary goal of our travel agency is to provide you with the absolute best experience possible, from your first call or email all the way to your return home. We are one of the most qualified travel agencies in Russia.

Our Licensing

Aventura Travel Agency is registered with the Federal Register of Tour Operators under its number МВТ 017929 as well as with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All our customers and clients are fully insured by our partner company Liberty Insurance guarantees coverage in the case of any accidents or injuries.

Russian VISA support

Foreign tourists must have a visa in order to stay in Russia. The only exception to this rule applies to cruise ship passengers who are booking a St. Petersburg shore excursion through a licensed tour operator, like Aventura Travel, who can stay in Russia without a visa for 72 hours.

According to Russian law, cruise ship passengers must stay with their tour guide (in the case which they do not wish to obtain a Russian visa)