Saint-Petersburg guided tours to any museum
You can choose one of the wonderful museums from our catalogue to enjoy every tour since every tour is unique. We guarantee that you will discover something new which was completely unknown for you in all the museum and will bring the unforgettable memory of the tour to your country.

Shore excursions and tours in Saint-Petersburg to any taste
Based on our experience of making shore excursions in St. Petersburg we made several tour packages seemed to us the best solution for the cruise passengers which include the highlights of Saint- Petersburg and its suburbs.

Special package of multilingual guided tours in Tallinn, Helsinki, Vilnius and Riga
We are happy to introduce you our special multilingual guided tours going throughout Baltic Capitals. There is quite a big range of tour packages where you can choose your destination and exact date comfortable for you to start. You get a chance to explore these wonderful cities (Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki) with our professional service and personal approach to any client.

Escorted guided tours into Saint-Petersburg and Moscow
Dear ladies and gentlemen! We start our special escorted tour program for the coming 2012 season. There are exact dates you can choose for this tour and book it now to get some extra discounts!!!

St. Petersburg private tours to the Suburbs of the city
There is also a very big chose of the wonderful former palaces of the royal family out of the city which are very good examples of the typical life of the Russian aristocracy before the revolution. These magnificent palaces are available in our catalogue to book a tour any time you want

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Traditional russian food

Traditional russian food

Traditional russian cuisine- has a lot of different plates and depends a lot on a geographic location. Russian cuisine has absorbed elements of ancient Slavic cuisine and dishes of various nations that living in Russia.

There are the main and most famous dishes that you should try during your trip to Russia:

  • Schi - is the traditional Russian soap with meat. Usually, consist of beef, cabbage, potato, carrot, onion. You could add Smetana and eat it with bread.

  • Okroshkais very popular dish in the summer. Consists of cucumbers, onions, boiled eggs, beef, potato and kvas. It is like a kind of a cold soap.

  • Golubci and pelmeni (meat dumplings) – It is very traditional Russian dish! Both golubci and pelmeni consist of meat, but in golubci meat wrapped in cabbage leaf and in pelmeni meat wrapped in dough.

  • Pancakes - is another traditional Russian dish. You could eat pancakes with different fillings like smetana, meat, jam or whatever else you like the most! There is a holiday, which is called Maslenitsa where everyone cooks pancakes and celebrate the beginning of spring!