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There is also a very big chose of the wonderful former palaces of the royal family out of the city which are very good examples of the typical life of the Russian aristocracy before the revolution. These magnificent palaces are available in our catalogue to book a tour any time you want

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Top 10 places to visit in Saint-Petersburg

  1. The Hermitage Museum

    The State Hermitage Museum

    The Hermitage Museum is one of the major museums of the world, an important and grandiose architectural complex which has one of the most important art collections.

  2. St. Isaac's Cathedral

    St. Isaac's Cathedral

    St. Isaac's Cathedral (Isaakievsky Sobor) is very beautiful and definitely worth to visit! The Cathedral has the status of a museum and it is located in the St. Isaac’s square!

  3. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

    The Church of the Russian styled domes which attracts by its dazzling and colorful facades and interiors. And also it is the place where the emperor of Russia Alexander II was murdered!

  4. Palace Square

    Palace Square

    There are a lot of important tourist’s attractions at this square such as the State Hermitage museum, Alexander column. Also there happened different historical events like the Bloody Sunday in 1905 and the October Revolution of 1917.

  5. Nevsky Avenue ( Nevsky prospekt)

    It is the main street of the city and there a lot of places of interest and stores where you can buy souvenirs!

  6. The Strelka, Vasilievsky Island

    Vasilievsky Island

    It is one of the most fascinating architectural ensembles of the city with a view on the Neva river. Also there are very important signs of the city like Kuntskamera, rostral columns and the St. Petersburg State University!

  7. Alexander Nevsky Monastery (Alexander Nevsky Lavra)

    Alexander Nevsky Lavra was founded in 1710 by order of Peter the great. Besides the monastery, there is also a cemetery where lay a lot of famous people.

  8. The Summer Garden

    Summer Garden

    This park is very beautiful and it is situated in the city-center! There you can enjoy the nature and a fantastic view around you!

  9. Imperial Porcelain Manufactory

    Imperial Porcelain Factory - one of the oldest in Europe, the first and one of the largest Russian enterprises for the production of an artistic porcelain. The factory is located in St. Petersburg, and was founded in 1744.

  10. Russian Museum

    Russian Museum

At this map you can find the most important sightseeings of St. Petersburg:

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